1. starbuckers:


    This poor little guy doesn’t know that his face is going to melted off in less than an hour

    *faint chirp*

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  2. cophines:

    1080p episodes give me life

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  3. Every character has a smell. They make a joke about it here, they call it: “Esparza… For Men." (x

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    "The Favorite" by Omar Rayyan

    Favorite what? Demon?!

    Loving the fact that whatever it is is wearing a matching flower.

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  5. bryanstars:

    if you say your hair has never annoyed you to the point of wanting to shave your head you’re lying

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  6. crayonguy:

    Bunny master post

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  7. floralls:

    Spring 2014 #サクラ *5 (by tsukasa*)

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  10. the-riversong:

    Oh, River, River, River. More than a friend, I think.

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  12. findingmyrecovery:

    If you’re waiting for a hero to step in, take you away, and make things better, then I’ve got to tell you they’re already here. The hero is the badass part of you that wants to go live your damn life. 

    You contain too many nuanced and varied parts to not house a hero somewhere in your head.

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  13. jollygemma:

    when my parents ask me why i’m always on my laptop


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  14. chestiel:

    Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)

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